On the Edge Forum – Abstract

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On the Edge: A forum about food and sustainability on the edges of our cities. On The Edge invited of the world’s leading thinkers in how to make food production really work on the edges of our major cities – and how to make it work alongside the growth of urban development Dave Sands (Vancouver), Sonia Callau-Berenguer (Barcelona), Anna Meroni (Milan) speak about strategies for maintaining food production near cities, and the contribution this kind of peri-urban agriculture makes to the physical, environmental, economic, social and cultural health of our cities. Local experts also joined in the discussion.  (Sustainable Everyday & Village Well)

On the Edge Forum – Promoters

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Sustainable Everyday & Village Well Emily Ballantyne-Brodie and Amadis Lacheta Promoter(s). Sustainable Everyday & Village Well Aknowledgements. Amadis Lacheta & Emily Ballantyne-Brodie

On the Edge Forum – Governance and policymaking


The On the Edge Conference is a tool to unite diverse actors to develop innovative solutions to challenges in peri-urban agriculture. There is great potential for events like these in influence policy making, by invited politicians policy makers and organising media to cover the event. One of the most important points Dave Sands international expert in policy design for peri-urban agriculture was: you need to have a citizen-led movement to change the policy. Grass-roots efforts make a difference. Serious issues like this need to be discussed and worked through publically.  (Sustainable Everyday & Village Well)

On the Edge Forum – Activism and civic participation


The emphasis on civic action in preserving, managing and maintaining our farmland is an issue which needs to be lobbied for by organised groups and citizens.  (Sustainable Everyday & Village Well)

On the Edge Forum – Social interactions and relations

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The project brought together people in the food systems field; ranging from producers, distributors, consumers and business people.  (Sustainable Everyday & Village Well)

On the Edge Forum – City and environmental planning

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On The Edge Forum emphasised the importance of planning policy to protect farmland around our cities. The role of City Councils to connect their residents to the farmland around the city is key.  (Sustainable Everyday & Village Well)

On the Edge Forum – Production, distribution and consumption

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The food system around the city is fragile and the importance of being in touch with production, distribution, consumption and representation of food is essential for the future of our cities.  (Sustainable Everyday & Village Well)

On the Edge Forum – Skill training and design education

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Designing solutions collectively and discussing challenges is a very key component in influencing policy changes and business models to change to improve the way peri-urban agricultural land is managed, maintained and preserved.  (Sustainable Everyday & Village Well)

On the Edge Forum – Job creation


Local jobs and supply chain are tied to the preservation of peri-urban farm land.  (Sustainable Everyday & Village Well)

On the Edge Forum – Storytelling and visualisation

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A photography exhibition acted as a tool to do storytelling about the farmers. This exhibition is still being circulated around City Councils in Melbourne. The On The Edge Blog also acted as a tool for people to share their updates and progress post the forum.  (Sustainable Everyday & Village Well)