Vanke Kunshan Farm – Abstract


Vanke Farm located in Kunshan, is an eco-farm near to suburban homes. The farm offers different sustainable agriculture services like eco-planting, sightseeing agriculture and eco-tourism. This proposal has cooperation with Vanke enterprises, which aims at offering sustainable food service for family users. The design aim was to discover the values and benefits of growing food as part of a sustainable lifestyle. It is the service system that plays a vital role in providing a balance between resources of eco-farm and the needs of users. Such innovative integration includes eco-tourism, farming education and farming experience activities, which makes an effective example of O2O collaborative service. Such an approach may result in other design solutions in similar contexts. Additionally resource-saving and high participatory interaction were developed for the farm to explore more competitive products; these include an online app, booking website, agricultural courses for families and recreational activities to improve the user viscosity for a sustainable service system. (JU DESIS Lab)

Vanke Kunshan Farm – Promoters


Jiangnan University JU DESIS Lab China Miaosen Gong, Chenhan Jiang, Junxiang Wang, Jingwen zhang, Dan Gao Promoters: School of Design, Jiangnan University JU DESIS Lab GIDE. Wanke KunShan Farm Shared Harvest CSA Funder: Wanke KunShan Farm Aknowledgements: Supervised by Miaosen Gong. With thanks all the participants of the project.  

Vanke Kunshan Farm – Governance and policymaking


Considering limited top-down resources, the possible solution could not depend on government budget, instead the design team took advantage of resources from the farm and a real estate developer, creating a platform which enable bottom up solutions whilst rediscovering bottom up resources and opportunities to develop innovative solutions. (JU DESIS Lab)

Vanke Kunshan Farm – Activism and civic participation


From the redesign of communication media for users in each hierarchy, the service can provide high quality participation and experience of agriculture knowledge and entertainment activities. In this way, real time collaboration is possible. (JU DESIS Lab)

Vanke Kunshan Farm – Social interactions and relations


The project is helping cold and detached citizens make new friends, expand interpersonal relationship networks and reduce negative emotions. (JU DESIS Lab)

Vanke Kunshan Farm – City and environmental planning


Urban users can have fun farming and experience a more sustainable lifestyle in an over-industrialised society through this service system. (JU DESIS Lab)

Vanke Kunshan Farm – Production, distribution and consumption


This project creates a new food network through which people can share their food with new friends and their family via an online-offline platform designed with gaming in mind. (JU DESIS Lab)

Vanke Kunshan Farm – Skills Training and Design Education


It is good for citizens to be able to experience green idyllic beauty and embrace the feeling of the nature. Further more, it provides an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills about agriculture and organic food. (JU DESIS Lab)

Vanke Kunshan Farm – Job Creation


The research team developed a business model through which people collaborate with an employed gardener. This creates new job opportunities. (JU DESIS Lab)

Vanke Kunshan Farm – Storytelling and Visualisation


Innovative methods and visualisation tools are used to transmit the complex service experience to different stakeholders these included moodboards, storyboards, system maps, customer journeys, motivation matrices and prototyping. (JU DESIS Lab)