City and environmental planning

The impact of social innovation projects on the city, the media, the private and public space.

Docklands Convivial Garden & Food Hub – City and environmental planning


This project highlighted that it is possible to develop urban agriculture in the city. Place making strategies and food policies were developed after this project was implemented. (Sustainable Everyday & Urban Reforestation)

On the Edge Forum – City and environmental planning

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On The Edge Forum emphasised the importance of planning policy to protect farmland around our cities. The role of City Councils to connect their residents to the farmland around the city is key.  (Sustainable Everyday & Village Well)

Shepaarton Food Hub – City and environmental planning


The Food Hub project has challenged the way the City looks at their local food distribution system. The city and the way its transport keeps it connected needs to be revised and considered in order to become a successful local food hub. Food Sensitive Urban Design concept was introduced to planners to open their eyes to a new way of planning the city.(Sustainable Everyday & Pollen Studio)

Khula App – City and environmental planning


The Khula application is designed to be an easy to use and low-data consumption information porthole that focuses on key permaculture concerns pertaining to planting and managing crops and protecting crops from natural threats. Additionally, the Khula app is designed to provide information and tools to farmers in order to firstly, help them to be more effective in the business of farming and in that way compete with large scale farming concerns and secondly, contribute to the local economy of Soweto. Examples of these tools include a ‘by-product’ recipe book, a crop-yield forecaster and a farm-planning calendar. (Design Society Development DESIS Lab)

BEANOR – City and environmental planning


Even though BEANOR is just a planting activity in an interior space, it brings nature and vitality to the Intellectually Disabled People (IDP) service centre and improves the environment there.

Wangjing Endorsement – City and environmental planning


On one hand, the farm provides organic food for users. On the other hand, the service system of the farm can spread the concept of sustainability. (JU DESIS Lab)

Vanke Kunshan Farm – City and environmental planning


Urban users can have fun farming and experience a more sustainable lifestyle in an over-industrialised society through this service system. (JU DESIS Lab)

Meihao Farm of Wanke – City and environmental planning


The major component of this project is to conceive a suitable way for citizens to experience and understand sustainable lifestyles. (JU DESIS Lab)

City of Greater Dandenong Food Strategy – City and Environmental Planning


The strategy led to the development of an urban farm which challenged the current planning policy in the city. The urban farm was a social innovation project which engaged the media, the private sector and public space in a new way. Food Sensitive Urban Design concept was introduced to planners to open their eyes to a new way of planning the city. (Sustainable Everyday & Field Institute Melbourne)